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Puppy Potty Training

Puppy Potty Training

Your puppy goes potty for two reasons, to eliminate waste and to communicate territory rights with other dogs.

Most puppies need to eliminates during eating, sleeping and playing. Because puppies' memories are short, immediate feedback works. Puppies should be under constant supervision.

Small Hermit Crab

Small Hermit Crab

Animals Could Do That

Animals Could Do That

Rats prefer learning to open other rats' cages over threats.

Five female bonobos chased down a male who slapped an unrelated female.

Elephants and chimpanzees will work cooperatively over foods.

Male seahorses get pregnant and give birth. 

Female jacanas (waterbirds) flits about while dads tend the chicks.

Wolf papas guard the family den, bring home food and mentor the pups.

Non human primates hold wakes, turn to friends for comfort and even lose the will to live when someone die.

Wold packs howl mournfully and act depressed when part of the pack dies.

Elephant touch the skull and tusk of their dead.

Cats remember things years later.

Chicken know hidden objects still exist.

Pigs are smarter then three years old kid, enjoy music and massages or play with soccer ball and video games.

Chickens can remember the faces and the ranks of more than 100 others.

Turkeys choose favorite humans and run to greet them.

Cows have panoramic vision, hear lower volume and higher frequency sounds than us and magnetically align their bodies north-south.

Spiders can sense tiniest vibrations.

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