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Benefits of Owning a Dog

Benefits of Owning a Dog

Regular dog walking improves fitness levels.

Patting a dog lowers your blood pressure, therefore lowering your chance of cardiovascular disease.

Infants are less likely to have a eczema, a common skin allergy which causes red patches and itching.

Dog owners often recover faster from illnesses and have a higher survival rate after a heart attack.

Kids have fewer sick days off at school.

Dogs can act as an early warning to detect an approaching epileptic seizure.

Dogs help improve loneliness and also help recover from personnel trauma such as lost loved one. 

Children with dogs usually tend to have better self esteem.

Owning a dog can alleviate symptoms of seasonal affective disorder or depression.

Dogs help calm hyperactive or overly aggressive kids.

Playing with dogs can elevate your levels of serotonin and dopamine, making you feel good and calm.

Dogs can raise your spirit and sense of well-being.

Dogs have learned to read human's  body language, facial expressions and emotions.

Their heightened sense of smell, sight and hearing, makes dogs a very intelligent and loyal domestic pet.

Dogs keen of hearing allows you them too hear phone calls long before you do.

Dogs can distinguish the difference between the sound of their owner's car engine and other vehicles that pass by your house.

Potential burglars are put off by barking dogs. Using a dog as your home security system can save money and help prevent burglarys. 

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