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Philippine Carabao

Philippine Carabao or Kalabaw in Tagalog. Eating grass, racing, going to festivals, pulling a plough, hauling a cart, preparing the soil for rice.


Baka or cow.

Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula or Grammostola Rosea also known as the Chilean Flame Tarantula, Chilean Fire Tarantula or the Chilean Red Haired tarantula or the Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula or depending on the colormorph, is probably the most common species of tarantula available in pet stores today, due to the large number of wild caught specimens exported cheaply from their native Chile into the US pet trade. Grammostola Rosea originates from the northern Atacama Desert region of Chile and live in the driest deserts on earth. Grammostola Rosea is a common pet of tarantula rearers. Females have been known to live as long as 15 to 20 years but due to the limited time they have been available on the market and hence for extensive study, there is a possibility that they may live considerably longer.

Brazilian Black and White Tarantula

Brazilian Black and White Tarantula is a rare and colorful tarantula but due to its aggressive nature as it gets older it is not recommended for beginners. For the experienced caretaker this tarantula can be a delight to own. Like most tarantulas the Brazilian Black and White hates light. The Brazilian Black and White Tarantula, Acanthoscurria Brocklehursti, is a species of spider best known for its aggressive eating habits, distinctive coloring, and rapid rate of growth. It is sometimes called the Giant Black and White Tarantula

Japanese Koi

The Japanese for Koi is Nishikigoi, it comes from the Japanese word Nishikigoi which literally means colored carp. An adult Japanese Koi  should be fed about one gram of dry pellets a day.


Cheetah gets its name from a Hindi word Chita meaning spotted animal.Cheetahs communicate using a series of bird like calls or squeaks. The main time when you see cheetahs communicating is between a mother and her cubs or when they are growling at a rival. 

Cheetahs can be found in savannas, open woodlands and in the semi desert areas like southern and eastern Africa, Savanna. And some are spread out around northern Arabian Peninsula and Northwest Afghanistan.

Sugar Glider

There are actually six different species of Glider found in Australia. They include:

Yellow Bellied Glider with scientific name of  Petaurus australis
Sugar Glider with scientific name of  Petaurus breviceps
Squirrel Glider with scientific name of  Petaurus phalanger
Greater Glider with scientific name of  Petaurioides volans
Feathertail Glider with scientific name of  Acrobates pygmaeus
Mahogany Glider with scientific name of  Petaurus gracilis

The species of a Sugar Glider is Peatarus Breviceps. The sugar glider is a type of possum which is a type of marsupial. 

Ball Python

They are called ball pythons in the python region and the ball part in the name because they roll up in a ball for defense. When a ball python is falling down, it would roll up in a ball giving it less injuries. Ball pythons also roll into a ball mostly to keep them warm. A ball python is usually 2 to 4 feet long with some exceptions that get 5 to 6 feet. They have a diet of either pinky mice, hoppers, small mice, rats, rat pups, they also eat gerbals and hamsters.


Hedgehogs occasionally perform a ritual called anointing. When the animal encounters a new scent, it will lick and bite the source, then form a scented froth in its mouth and paste it on its spines with its tongue. It's unknown what the specific purpose of this ritual is, but some experts believe anointing camouflages the hedgehog with the new scent of the area and provides a possible poison or source of infection to predators poked by their spines. Anointing is sometimes also called anting because of a similar behavior in birds.

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